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CoGrader is the AI copilot for teachers, cutting grading time by 80% to free up more time for teaching. Our sistem provides instant, comprehensive feedback on open-ended assignments.

CoGrader revolutionizes the grading process with AI, improving student performance and delivering four benefits to educators:

  1. Time efficiency: slash grading time by up to 80%, freeing teachers to focus on supporting students.
  2. Timely and specific feedback: cut the feedback loop from a week to just one day, enabling timely and actionable insights for students.
  3. Unbiased feedback: minimize bias with a system designed for fair and impartial grading, irrespective of race, gender, or socioeconomic status.
  4. Data-Driven classroom planning: leverage analytics that aggregate and analyze feedback from all students, pinpointing areas for improvement and guiding your next lesson plans.

Simply import assignments and rubrics from your LMS, and CoGrader takes care of the rest—delivering graded assignments complete with comprehensive feedback.