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HappyGrader is the premier tool that enables content-area teachers to use machine learning and AI to grade their students' assessments more quickly and fairly!

Created by a veteran secondary math and science teacher, HappyGrader assists content-area instructors of any grade level to create, share, and reapply digital scoring guides with full- and partial-credit plus rubrics for free-response questions. The program helps teachers identify patterns in their students' responses and predictively scores their open-ended and free-response answers, including feedback, all while keeping the teacher in the loop to accept or modify their marks. Already in use for over ten years to score over 10,000 exams, HappyGrader is the most well-positioned e-assessment tool available for teachers to harness the power of machine learning and AI for faster results with feedback, more consistent grading, and more time to do what matters most!