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Almanack is an AI platform that generates curriculum-aligned lesson plans, worksheets, group activities, video recommendations and assessments. It has a built-in grading assistant and educators can create custom resources too!

Lesson planning: Effortlessly create lesson plans and course materials with Almanack's intuitive interface and AI recommendations. Save time and design dynamic lessons that cater to student needs.

Curriculum Integration: Seamlessly integrated with the Ontario, Cambridge, UK National Curriculum, and the Australian Curriculum, Almanack delivers a comprehensive learning experience.

Grading Assistant: Save hours of grading with Almanack's intelligent assistant. Get detailed feedback and focus on meaningful instruction.

Create a variety of resource types:

Worksheets - create new worksheets based on a curriculum or your own lecture notes.
Assessments - select from a variety of questions to put together a completely original quiz or test in minutes.
Slide decks - put together slide decks complete with information and pictures.
Video recommendations - let AI suggest relevant videos for your lesson, taking interactivity to another level.
Group activities - create fun, interactive group activities to increase student engagement.
Interview questions - formulate interview questions to assess students verbally.