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EDpuzzle enables teachers to modify videos with edits, voiceovers, and quiz questions, while tracking students' engagement. Its 'Generate Questions' and 'Teacher Assist' features streamline question generation and grading processes, promoting efficient, personalized teaching.

EDpuzzle lets teachers customize videos by editing, cropping, recording their own audio, and adding quiz questions directly to the video stream. Instructors can monitor and grade students' engagement with the videos.

With the tool's 'Generate Questions' feature, educators can now request EdPuzzle to suggest and embed questions into their video lessons, all with a mere click. The user-friendly design allows educators to discard any question they deem irrelevant or edit them for a more personalized touch.

With Teacher Assist, EdPuzzle has brought this innovation to open-ended questions as well. Educators simply provide their ideal answer, and the tool compares it against students' responses to suggest a grade. This system intelligently takes into account similar answers and slight variations, simplifying the often time-consuming grading process.