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Enlighten AI

Enlighten AI is an AI grading and feedback assistant that learns from each teacher’s rubric, style, and expectations to offer personalized suggestions. It cuts grading time by up to 80%.

Enlighten AI bridges the gap between pure AI grading, which can be impersonal and error-prone, and manual grading, which is often impractical. We preserve the human touch in AI-enhanced grading. The process starts as usual for teachers: grade the first submission yourself, using your rubric. From there, the AI collaborates to suggest scores and feedback. Each time the teacher edits and refines the AI’s suggestions, the AI improves its accuracy and alignment with the teacher, providing better suggestions with each click and capturing the unique, subtle context only a teacher can provide. Our tool not only syncs with Google Classroom and Google Docs, but is also accessible to all. Any teachers can sign up, invite students via a link, and start giving assignments directly on the platform. With Enlighten AI, educators have multiple options for sending feedback, fostering a more efficient, effective, and personalized feedback loop.