Generative Art

Quick, Draw!

Quick, Draw! is a game created by Google Creative Lab that allows you to help teach a neural network to recognize doodles. The more you play, the more the neural network will learn

Neural network: Quick, Draw! uses a neural network to recognize doodles. A neural network is a type of machine learning algorithm that can learn to perform tasks by looking at examples. In the case of Quick, Draw!, the neural network is trained on a massive dataset of human-drawn doodles. This allows the neural network to learn to recognize different objects and scenes, even when they are drawn in a simple, stylized way.

Real-time feedback: Quick, Draw! provides real-time feedback as you draw. This means that you can see how well the neural network is doing at recognizing your doodles as you are drawing them. This feedback can be helpful for learning how to draw in a way that is easy for the neural network to recognize.

Public data set: Quick, Draw! makes its data set publicly available. This means that other researchers can use the data set to train their own neural networks to recognize doodles. This can help to advance the field of machine learning and make it possible to create new applications that can use doodles.

Overall, Quick, Draw! is a fun and engaging way to learn about AI and machine learning. It is also a valuable tool for researchers who are working to develop new applications that can use doodles.