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SocratiQ helps students achieve mastery with inquiry based learning, personalized lessons and feedback.

SocratiQ is a brand new way to learn. Anything. At your own pace.

Simply type in a topic you want to learn. SocratiQ then leads you into a learning journey through carefully selected questions.

When you respond, you are provided with detailed feedback and more questions that go broad and deep to help fill all the gaps in your understanding.

If you are stuck with any question, you can request a lesson and SocratiQ will generate a short lesson bite that is specifically tailored for you.

You can invite your friends to learn with you. Look at their responses, the feedback they receive. You learn better when you learn together.

That's not all.

You can create your own learning guides and publish your explorations for anyone to learn from. Join our Teach the World project to foster an equitable future.