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Craft, connect, and customize lessons, align with skills and standards, differentiate learning, connect with students and parents, and save hours of precious time.

With Teachally, you can turn anything into learning gold. Snap a photo of a book—
Or an educational video, some text, or really, anything you find useful! Select your Common Core standards to make sure you're on track. We’ve got you covered. Watch as Teachally instantly crafts a customized lesson plan, hitting all your chosen standards. Create assignments, aligned to your chosen standards and derived from your lesson plan.
Teachally automatically generates a visually engaging slide deck, bringing your lesson to life for your students! Send bulletins and e-mails to parents and students keeping all of them in the loop! Digital rewards make reaching milestones super fun and motivational! Teachally transforms anything into a standard-aligned lesson or assignment. From solo learners to group settings, every plan is uniquely tailored. Join Teachally today, and Teach at the speed of AI!