tl;dv is an AI-powered meeting recorder that helps teams save time and stay in the know. It automatically transcribes and summarizes your meetings, so you can quickly catch up on what was discussed and take action.

Here are some of the AI features of tl;dv:

Automatic recording and transcription: tl;dv automatically records and transcribes your meetings in real time. This means you can focus on the discussion, without having to worry about taking notes or recording the meeting yourself.
AI-powered tagging: tl;dv uses AI to identify and tag important moments in your meetings. This includes things like decisions, action items, and key takeaways. You can then easily find and share these moments with your team.
Smart search: tl;dv's smart search makes it easy to find the information you need in your meetings. You can search by keyword, speaker, or topic.
Collaborative notes: tl;dv allows you to collaborate on meeting notes with your team. This is a great way to ensure that everyone is on the same page and has access to the same information.
Meeting insights: tl;dv provides you with insights into your meetings, such as who spoke the most, the most common topics, and the average meeting length. This information can help you improve your meetings and make them more productive.
tl;dv is a powerful tool that can help you save time and stay in the know. If you're looking for a way to improve your meetings, tl;dv is a great option.