Voicemaker.in is an online text-to-speech service that converts text into human-like AI voices in over 130 languages. You can download your voices in MP3 or WAV audio format.

Voicemaker.in is an online text-to-speech service that uses artificial intelligence to generate human-like voices. The service offers a wide range of features, including:

Over 1000 AI voices in 130 languages
The ability to change the pitch, speed, and volume of the voice
The ability to add sound effects and background music
The ability to download the audio file in MP3 or WAV format
Voicemaker.in is a powerful tool that can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

Creating audiobooks
Making educational videos
Creating marketing materials
Creating podcasts
Creating other types of audio content
The service is easy to use and affordable. Plans start at just $10 per month.

Here are some additional details about the AI features of Voicemaker.in:

The voices are generated using a deep learning algorithm that has been trained on a massive dataset of human speech. This results in voices that are very natural and realistic.
The pitch, speed, and volume of the voice can be changed to create different effects. For example, you can make the voice sound more excited or more serious.
Sound effects and background music can be added to the audio file to create a more engaging experience.
The audio file can be downloaded in MP3 or WAV format. This allows you to use the audio file in a variety of applications, such as video editing software or podcasting software.
Overall, Voicemaker.in is a powerful and affordable tool that can be used to create a variety of audio content. The AI features of the service make it easy to create realistic and engaging voices.