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5 Minute Lesson Plan

Easy peasy, lesson squeezy. The simple online tool that creates engaging lesson plans in 5 minutes flat. Whether you take our artificial intelligence (AI) path or choose to craft it yourself, we've got you covered. Your lesson. Your choice. Fancy a go?

It’s simple, really.

The 5 Minute Lesson Plan lives up to its name.

Developed alongside Teacher Toolkit, it uses some clever, cognitive science stuff to help you streamline your thought process.

Either fill out the boxes as directed or let the AI do it for you. Then… voila! You’ll have a lovely, focused lesson plan, ready to save and share — in just 5 minutes.

Or, as long as it takes you to finish a cup of tea.

Download your lovely lesson plan as a 1-page PDF, ready to print, email or share however you like. See? Simple.

Now… what to do with all this spare time…?

So, here’s the secret… it’s um, science.
(And a bit of magic, but mostly science.)

The 5 Minute Lesson Plan supports cognitive thinking and structures your thought process.

Put short, it breaks down your super-complex teacher-thoughts into bitesize, digestible chunks.

Arranging your thoughts into an order that makes sense — it combines everything into a beautiful visual, so you can see your lesson as a whole.