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Brisk is an AI coteacher that speeds up curriculum writing, grading, and changing the reading levels of news articles so educators can work less and teach more.

Unleash the power of AI in your classroom with Brisk Teaching, the co-teacher you truly deserve. Brisk eliminates the teaching busywork, automating workflows, analyzing student data, and aiding in curriculum creation. It features seamless AI-writing detection in Google Docs, assessing student effort based on version history data. The tool's cutting-edge AI-detection model is trained on GPT-4, making it the most accurate today. Brisk also assists in curriculum development, personalizing content to match your teaching style and students' needs. Lastly, it revolutionizes feedback, using AI to suggest or directly add comments to students' work, reflecting your style and understanding. Moreover, it summarizes feedback across your class, helping you identify areas of struggle without reading every assignment. Ready for a smarter, more efficient classroom? Try Brisk.