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Flint - AI for Schools

Flint is built to support teacher-student relationships. Teachers can input any learning objective, customize how the AI interacts with students, and safely and securely personalize learning and diversify their teaching.

Flint allows teachers to create assignments that adapt to fit each student’s knowledge level and pace. Every Flint chat or essay starts with a learning objective from which the AI generates unique and engaging assignment ideas. Teachers can then fully edit and preview each idea before sharing with students. Because Flint is built specifically for education, Flint’s AI’s goal is to help students learn the outlined material. This means the AI doesn’t give away the answer (unless instructed to), gives personalized feedback, and pushes students to explain and support their answers.

To fit all students’ needs, teachers can specify the expected reading level of students. Flint also supports text to speech and speech to text for 50+ world languages, and assignments have embedded code editor interfaces. To further guide the content discussed in assignments, teachers can upload files or link websites that narrow the scope for the AI and student.