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Little Professor

Little Professor is an AI tool that creates, distributes and grades tests and generates course material.

Little Professor is an innovative educational tool designed to assist educators and trainers in creating, distributing, and grading tests across various subjects and grade levels. Utilizing the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT, Little Professor AI aims to streamline the educational process, enhancing both teaching efficiency and student learning experiences.

Key Features of Little Professor AI:

Test Creation: Educators can now effortlessly generate test questions tailored to any subject and grade level. This feature includes the option to create corresponding answer sheets, ensuring a comprehensive assessment tool. Additionally, Little Professor AI offers the unique ability to develop questions based on user-provided study materials or any uploaded image, further personalizing the testing experience.

Test Distribution: The platform simplifies the process of test distribution, enabling educators to easily send tests to entire classes. This feature ensures that tests are delivered promptly and securely, maintaining the integrity of the assessment process.

Test Grading: Little Professor AI automatically grades student responses. This not only improves grading efficiency but also enhances the accuracy of test evaluations, providing reliable assessments of student performance.

Generation of Study Materials: Beyond testing, Little Professor AI aids in the creation of new study materials. Educators can upload existing resources or generate new ones, tailored to the needs of their students. The platform can also create personalized study materials based on individual student test results, supporting targeted learning and improvement.

Test results can optionally be imported into Learning Management Systems, like Canvas.