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MagicSchool.ai - AI for teachers.

Join hundreds of teachers saving hours of time using AI to help lesson plan, differentiate, write assessments, write IEPs, communicate clearly, and more.

MagicSchool.ai is designed to support educators, simplifying your tasks, and helping you make a significant impact in the classroom.

Ease of Use
No need to fret about using chatbots or "prompt engineering". Our generative AI provides immediate value, integrating smoothly into your busy schedule.

Expertise in Education
Our tool allows customization, ensuring unique materials tailored to your students. You know your students best; we provide features to customize outputs for your distinct school community.

Effective Tools
We offer only the highest impact tools, handpicked by educators, built on research-based best practices. They will aid in lesson planning, differentiation, writing IEPs, and daily class relevance, among other things.