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Packback is an AI writing tutor for every student, and AI grading assistant for every instructor, helping every student develop their unique voice…and the writing skills to express it.

Packback consists of two main AI-powered tools: Questions for discussion and Deep Dives for essays and other longform writing. Questions is an award-winning inquiry-driven discussion tool that uses AI Instant Feedback and Moderation to ensure that it stays on track, helping educators spend less time managing the discussion and more time engaging with students. Deep Dives is a platform for developing and assessing writing. It helps every student build a strong foundation of writing and research skills, through instant AI feedback on educators’ specific assessment criteria. Instructors receive grading support from Packback’s AI grading assistant to help assess the writing mechanics of a piece, so they can focus their feedback on students’ ideas and content. Packback also includes Instruct, a powerful suite of tools for engaging, supporting, and interacting with classes and, most recently, has made a suite of free, generative AI-powered tools publicly available in Teach with GPT.