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Planning Period

Planning Period cuts lesson planning time by creating standards-aligned resources based on teacher context

Planning Period is a suite of tools designed to significantly reduce the lesson planning workload for new teachers, particularly tackling the lesson planning's most difficult componets. By collaborating closely with experienced educators, Planning Period has ensured that its resources are both practical and user-friendly.

Features include:

Anchor Chart Planner: Helps teachers create classroom visuals and verbage represent key information in a clear and engaging manner that they can display in their classrooms.

Worksheet & Maker: Ready-to-use, context-responsive materials to reinforce learning standards.

Homework: Structured tasks to extend standards-practice outside the classroom.

Quiz and Exit Ticket Creators: Tools to gauge standards comprehension and progress.

Stations Planner: Organize interactive learning centers effectively.

CFUs (Checks for Understanding): Assess real-time comprehension based on your lesson or read-aloud.

Lesson Scriptor: Creates engagind lesson delivery talking points so that you know what to say for every lesson.

Word Problem Contextualizer: Personalize word problems to resonate with the unique backgrounds and interests of your students.