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Generate interactive content for any educational standard and curriculum

Redmenta, a 4x Bett Awards’24 Finalist, is an AI content creator tool customisable for any standards and curriculum.

The attention span of the younger generation is short. Active learning has proven to be effective in engaging students. But it requires significantly more time to provide such an activity.

Teachers can save 4 hours of work by generating auto-evaluating tests, quizzes, and interactive content that facilitates project-based learning or games.

With Redmenta’s advanced prompt builder, teachers and instructional designers can craft their blueprint, guiding AI to generate tailored, interactive content for any educational standards like IELTS, PISA or TIMSS or project-based learning and role-playing games.

With Redmenta interactive content, students can conduct research work and problem maps or concept boards. They can also utilise the platform to set up algorithms or family trees using flowcharts, discuss the topic with the AI, and even record video presentations.