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sAInaptic's automarking tool is built using text analysis and natural language processing methods. Our automarker is intelligent - not just a simple word search! It identifies correct concepts in student responses to provide instant and personalised feedback.

sAInaptic was created in 2020 by two female founders, Dr. Rajeshwari Iyer and Kavitha Ravindran, who recognised a huge gap in the support available for students revising for their GCSE Science exams.

They recognised some of the key challenges faced by teachers and students.

GCSE Science exams consist of ~70% open-ended questions but most revision resources support only closed-ended/multiple-choice questions.

Teachers struggle to have enough time for delivering content and supporting students in gaining exam techniques and skills in an effective and continuous manner.

Students do not know what 'good' looks like when they have to construct their own answer.

Their goal is to enable students to succeed irrespective of their ability and to empower teachers irrespective of their experience - democratising learning and helping to bridge the social divide that exists in education. Armed with both expertise and passion in the field of education, they decided to address these challenges head-on and use the latest technology in AI to empower teachers and students as well as publishing and exam bodies with an intelligent automarking tool, data, and insights. The instant feedback enables students to be more independent learners and significantly reduces the teahcers' marking workload. Rajeshwari and Kavitha are now on a mission to automark every single question in existence and provide instant feedback for every response!