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Storybooks is a platform for parents and teachers to easily create personalized children's stories that build literacy, creativity, and social-emotional intelligence.

Storybooks is both a literary and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) tool that combines storytelling and artificial intelligence to help children learn important life skills in a fun and engaging way. Users can generate illustrated storybooks for a variety of topics, including social situations, imaginary adventures, and educational tales (e.g., a dinosaur learning how to add 2+2). Building a reading habit and instilling a love for reading has never been easier, since personalized stories make reading more fun and turn the learning process into an adventure. With Storybooks, users can create their own personalized digital library, which can boost a child's academic achievement, vocabulary growth, focus, and career prospects. Stories can also help children prepare for situations they might face in real life, such as dealing with bullying, navigating friendships, or handling academic pressures. This equips them with the tools to handle such situations with empathy and confidence.